Monday, May 28, 2007

Here is a picture from last week when we picked strawberries with our friends Shannon, Alyssa, Sarah and MaryEllen at Eckert farms. We've enjoyed feasting on fresh strawberries and strawberry shortcakes. Mmmm, delicious!!

Morning out with daddy!

On Friday, Trev and Nate took all the kiddos to Grant's Farm. It's kind of like a mini zoo that starts with a train ride through the park. They passed by buffalo and Texas longhorns right outside the train! Belle had a great time with daddy and it was his first solo adventure with his little girl where he fed her a bottle and everything! He was really excited. :) It is a blessing for him to have a break from school so he can enjoy more time with Belle (and me!).

Here is Belle checking out a giant tortoise

Belle peeking out of her stroller

Belle went through a water mister and was left with wet hair
and a funny expression... haha

AB and Will on a lunch date... who can resist a man with a bib?

I think this picture of Belle is hilarious! What a funny girl.

Fun in Forest Park

Thursday, May 10, 2007

First swim!

This morning we went swimming with Sarah and Shannon and all the kiddos. Belle had her first swim adventure and loved it! She floated for awhile in her little float boat thingy (above) and I held her for awhile too. She loved kicking her legs and slapping her hand on the water surface. I even put her all the way under a couple of times. After the initial shocked face and blinking eyes she would give a big smile. What a girl! It was so refreshing to swim, especially since we've had temps in the mid 80's the past few days.

I'm awake now

This is how Annabelle has been waking up lately. She will scoot around her crib on her belly, and when she hears noise at the door she will pop her head up and oftentimes rest it on her crib bumper and peek out through the bars. I love it! Once she sees me at the door she will give a big smile too. What a cutie!