Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Surprise nap

I guess the boat trip wore Belle out because on our way back to the dock she fell asleep on my lap. Sure, it takes walking and bouncing and hours for her to fall asleep in my arms on the fairly quiet plane rides to and from Washington, but in my arms on a speedboat with a motor just a few feet from her... no problem! What a trooper!

More boating pics

Thus begins our boat trip...
In June, my parents took us out on their boat for an afternoon excursion and we had a fantastic time! We saw a ton of seals, had a picnic lunch at the Gig Harbor marina, and enjoyed each others company.

AB with Auntie J and Granny Jane

Captain/Grandpa John manning the steering wheel

Opa and Belle just hanging out

Gramma Kay and AB

Belle the boater

Here is Annabelle on her first boating trip. I was surprised she lasted a few hours wearing her life jacket. She didn't even seem phased by it! She had a blast looking at all the sights and feeling the wind on her face.

Lake Cushman

In June, we went to Lake Cushman in Washington for a few days. Trev had his first experience as a camp speaker for a group of about 70 middle and high school students. He did an amazing job sharing the Gospel with them and getting to know them. It was great to watch him speak and relate to the kids. While he wasn't speaking we were blessed to spend time at a quaint lake cabin as a family. We made smores, went on a long walk, took a ton of pictures, put our feet in the lake (it was a wee bit too cold and rainy to go swimming) and just enjoyed time hanging out together.

Dad and daughter

AB playing in the water... she loves water!!

Sweet little Belle waiting for daddy to speak

Congratulations Wink!

Last month we celebrated our sister's high school graduation. Here's Wink with her proud parents. Great job Wink! We love you and we're very proud of you!