Tuesday, December 15, 2009

AB hearts Jack

Annabelle really really really loves her little brother Jack. Sometimes when we tuck her in at night she asks if Jack can lay next to her. Boy is she excited when he is next to her. She'll shower him with kisses and laughter and he seems to be pretty happy with the sisterly love.

Occasionally in the morning we will let AB lay next to Jack in his crib (with adult supervision of course). All of a sudden the crib seems so much cooler to her after months and months of not having to sleep in it.
Our handsome little man sleeping soundly.

One of Belle's favorite things to do is put on shoes way too big for her. Yesterday she was walking around in a pair of Trev's crocs, up above she is in my snow boots, sometimes she wears my slippers or any other shoe that is out that looks kind of fun to walk in. She makes me laugh.

One of her funny Belle-isms she does these days: She leans back while sitting or standing and then says "Whoooooaaaa, the wind is pushing me!" Of course she only says it when we are inside and there is no wind.

Another common phrase: "I'd like to take a break from my nap." This of course is often said when we're driving around in the car and she isn't even supposed to be taking a nap.

Oh how I love our little Annabelle. She is a joy to be around. We love you, AB!

Okay, so I know this is a really random picture. AB and I were playing with playdough today and she was naming things I should make. So I made this caterpillar and elephant. I was kind of impressed that I could tell what they were when I was finished!

Ooops! Has it been almost 2 months?

We had our first snowfall a couple of days ago. AB kept running to the window and looking at it. She and I even went on a walk to the store while it was snowing. It didn't last long but it was beautiful to watch while it was here.

Again, so sorry for leaving the same old blog post for almost 2 month. Yikes! That is way too long. Do any of you ever feel like you can't quite catch up? That's how I've felt lately. With being a wife, a mom of two, packing up one home, unpacking in another, helping with our church and the holiday season upon us I can't seem to keep on top of it all. Unfortunately the blog has been sliding lower and lower on the priority list. But the good news is it moved to the top tonight! Why? Because I can't do my Christmas shopping at 11pm (since I don't do much of it online) and I also can't take a Christmas card picture because I am the only one still awake. Maybe I'll try to start tackling those tomorrow. Maybe. ;)

Check out that red hair