Monday, April 21, 2008

Warm drinks on a cold day

Trev's Photo Shoot

We celebrated Grammy Jane's birthday yesterday. We gave her a box full of goodies, one of which was a small photo album. The first picture we put in was a nice picture of Belle... to fool her of course. It makes sense to give her a bunch of pictures of her granddaughter to tote around. However, we don't always do what makes sense. The next 18 pictures in the album were all of Trev! Page after page of her favorite son! Here are a few of my favorites.

Oh boy.

Angry band member


Male model


Mug shot

Friday, April 18, 2008

Baking Cookies!!

Annabelle and I baked chocolate chip cookies this morning. I let Belle pour in some of the sugar and she tested the chocolate chips to make sure they were safe. :) She really liked watching the Kitchen Aid mixer spin. She kept saying, "Oooohhh," when it would spin around. AB also helped scoop the dough onto the cookie sheets. We did sneak a few bites of the cookie dough because it was oh so good! We can't wait to eat them after dinner tonight with daddy!

Spring & Sunsets

The tulips are beginning to bloom! A good sign that spring is really here... nevermind the fact that we have snow in the forecast for tomorrow. Hmmm.

Another sunset shot at Boulevard Park. I really like the colors in this picture.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Young Life Concert

Trev and I went to a local concert on Monday, put on by Young Life. A friend of ours watched Belle as we went off to an evening full of friends and good music. We had the joy of listening to Justin McRoberts and Christopher Williams, who are both very talented musicians. I really liked how they performed... they would take turns playing their own songs, with the other playing and singing back-up. And they were really funny between the singing too. You should check out their tunes. The bonus was that I was able to see my Young Life leader, Amy, from high school! She is married to Justin, which is why she was there. It was great seeing her and catching up on the last 9 years of life - well, as much as you can catch up when you haven't seen each other in nine years. :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunset at Boulevard

Our friends Cam and Sarah were visiting Bellingham over the weekend. We had a delicious dinner at Boundary Bay and then walked around Boulevard Park while the sun was setting. Cam took all of these pictures for us. Thanks Cam!

Daddy tossing Belle in the air!

"Mommy! I have a dandelion for you!"

Silhouettes of Trev and AB

Mesmerized by the light

Saturday, April 12, 2008


I couple weeks ago my mom gave me a sewing machine. I haven't really sewed since high school, when I took a year-long sewing class. I decided to start with very simple projects... pillows! I mean really, how can I mess those up? Diana was kind enough to give me the fabric for the big pillow in the back and I found a great deal on the brown fabric. I've been meaning to make some decor changes to Belle's room for a while, so the pillow projects gave me a chance to get started with it! Just adding cute pillows in her room makes it seem more dainty and put-together, rather than feeling like a bunch of random stuff all thrown together and hoping that it works. :)

I'm excited to learn more about sewing and to take on more complicated projects! Diana's mom has a sewing shop called The Top Stitch in Spokane that you should check out. She has a lot of great fabrics!!

Saturday in the Sun

It is a beautiful spring day up here in Bellingham! Trev treated us to our regular Saturday morning pancakes then we headed downtown. We just had to get outside today! The sun is shining, the temperature is in the 60's and the air just smells so spring-like! We wandered around the farmer's market and walked many of the downtown streets, all the while sipping our favorite drinks and chatting about life. We parked near this big grassy field, where Annabelle had fun running around.

Me & AB

Daddy helping Belle climb a tree!

Belle's new spring shoes. I think they are pretty cute. :)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Auntie Jj!

Belle's Auntie Jj came for a visit this weekend and we all had so much fun together! We had some fun shopping cart rides down the hall in turbo speed, we went to the Bellingham Farmer's Market and walked around downtown Bellingham. On Friday night we actually played Red Light, Green Light in our home. Haha! We mentioned it as a joke and then we actually played it. Then Trev made J and I race to see who could finish drinking a HUGE glass of water first. Then we challenged Trev to drink the same amount of water, do 20 jumping jacks, run down the hall a few times and do 20 push-ups... all in under a minute! And he did it, with one second to spare. Amazing! You should have seen his turbo jumping jacks - hilarious! And he ran so fast down the hall that a picture fell down. We had a great time being silly and just catching up. We love you JJ and had so much fun with you! Thanks for the visit... come again soon!

One Fish, Two Fish, Pink Fish, Yellow Fish!

Annabelle started swimming lessons this past week! Here she is in her little fish swimsuit.... what a cutie. We've attended two swimming lessons and she has a love-hate relationship with it. She loves playing in the water, but doesn't really like having to do things. For example, she was having a blast climbing out of the pool by herself and jumping into the water holding my hands. However, when we moved on to practicing kicking in the water, she was not such a fan of having to move on to another activity. I was really amazed that she could climb out of the pool by herself! She couldn't touch the bottom of the pool at all and she would pull herself up to her elbows and climb her way out. I shouldn't be too surprised though, since she loves to climb things. :) It's fun to meet the other parents and kids in the class. And it is wonderful to be doing something active outside of the house! Yeah for swim lessons!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008