Thursday, October 23, 2008

Maritime Heritage Park

On Sunday we ventured down to Maritime Heritage Park in downtown Bellingham. We walked around on search fro salmon in the river and enjoyed the sights along our walk. We love our weekend family outings!!

Climb, climb, climb!

Tossing leaves with Daddy.

The beautiful sights.

Pick a, Pick a Pumpkin!

We made our way out to the Young Life pumpkin patch last weekend to search for some, well, pumpkins of course!! AB somewhat enjoyed marching through the field. She loved pointing to the pumpkins and saying "punkin", but as you can see, was not a fan of actually touching the pumpkin.

AB checking out our pumpkin purchases.

By the time we got to the car she had become a huge fan of the pumpkins and rode with this one in her lap the entire ride home. She even taste-tested the stem! She loves pointing out all the pumpkins we see and even wants me to draw them quite frequently on her chalkboard. She'll keep tapping the chalkboard, handing me chalk and asking, "Pumpkin? Pumpkin?"

Satruday morning trail walk

Thursday, October 9, 2008

After much shagrin...

Behold, it is I...Daddy. After many personal attacks and threats by you the reader, I have decided to make my first post. I even took these pictures...I know what you thinking. Trev, I thought you were incompetent. Well I'm not. After many days, I have learned to train my brain to connect my eye to my pointer finger to the silver button on the peaks of the capturer of photos. It might have taken longer to figure out than the average person, but I am not your average person. People with superior brain power simply take longer for everyday tasks.

Check out the grains on that log.

My little girl longs for the day when she will be able to hold her breath under water for days, and so do I.

I told Belle a joke, and she was embarrassed that I am her dad. I thought it was funny.

If you look closely, you can see the many water ferries that accompanied us on our afternoon out. They were waiting for Belle to step out on the water so they could carry her (for she is royalty-daughter of the King) to far off treasure bearing coves, but our stomachs told us we needed turkey sandwiches. The cities of little taste buds in our mouths won out, but we will be back. Oh we will be back.

Oh, Kitty!!

The Mauss Family is cat-sitting for a few months! Let me introduce you to sweet Lizzie. She belongs to our good friend Anne Marie who is traveling in Italy for a couple of months. We've had Lizzie for almost a month, so I am a wee bit late on posting something about it. I grew up with cats and was pretty excited for the chance to have one around for a bit. Trev never had any pets growing up, but was excited for this new adventure. Belle didn't really know anything about it until the night that Anne Marie dropped Lizzie off. That very first night Belle was scared of Lizzie and kept jumping up on the couch next to daddy anytime the kitty got close to her. The days following were the exact opposite. Belle was quite intrigued with Lizzie and kept running to her yelling, "Oh, Kitty!" and "Oh, Lizzie!", while Lizzie developed a fear of Belle and hid behind things to get away from her. Haha! Over the past few weeks Lizzie has become more comfortable with Belle and it almost seems more like a game when Belle comes after her. Belle will see her under the table and will crawl towards her. Lizzie will let her get all the way to her and maybe even let AB pet her a few times and then will dart off to another part of the room. The she'll stop and wait for Belle to come to her again, then dart off again, but never fully hiding from her. It's actually pretty funny to witness.

The other night I snapped these shots... rarely seen footage of Belle and Lizzie sitting side-by-side. Lizzie even let Belle pet her for a few minutes. I think it was a real breakthrough in their friendship. :)

Look at how close they are! What progress!

Pizza & Smoothie Party

On Saturday we had a Pizza & Smoothie Birthday Party for Belle. Pizza and smoothies are two of AB's favorite things! We wanted to honor her by filling her special day with the things she likes the most... pizza, smoothies, family and friends! What could be better?!

AB carrying her little Dora, Swiper & Boots dolls. I think they have made more appearances on the blog than I have. ;)

The tower of cupcakes!!

Her buddy Levi enjoying the party.

A crazy picture of Auntie Wink! I just couldn't resist posting this pic. Haha!

Our good friend Nick who made balloon animals for everyone. Thanks again Nick!

Playing with her new tea set.

When Belle was down for her nap and only family remained we played Catch Phrase (Go Team 1!) and then had a shooting contest. You had to try and make a shot while sitting in the chair, best out of five. Opa and Anutie JJ made it to the finals. It was a fierce battle, but Opa came out the winner after a few final rounds. Go Opa!

The festivities begin...

Annabelle turned the big 0-2 on October 3rd!! Happy birthday, Annabelle!! The festivities began early on Friday. Trev cooked her up some special birthday pancakes and made her a breakfast smoothie too! I took the afternoon off of work and Trev, Belle and I enjoyed delicious pizza at La Fiamma's and then met Gramma Kay and Grandpa John at our place. They showered Belle with love and gifts and cooked us up a scrumptious salmon dinner. Mmmmm, good! One of the gifts they gave Belle is an easel, which she loves. She immediately started drawing on it with Grandpa (above). Sometimes I'll catch her in her room just drawing on her chalkboard by herself. She is really good at repeating vertical lines. ;)

Playing with her new blocks.