Sunday, August 2, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I had two baby showers in one weekend! Actually, one was a "sprinkle" (my friend Anne Marie came up with that) that included dinner at a favorite local Italian restaurant and dessert (made by Andi at Pure Bliss). It was called a sprinkle because it wasn't a full on shower with games and such but an evening out for ladies. Of course, I was totally not on top of it and did not get any pictures at the sprinkle. Oops! However, I did get a couple shots at the shower the next day. My friend Angela, who I have worked with at La Belle for the past year is also having a baby we are due within a week of each other. It has been so fun to go through the process with her at pretty much the exact same stages. Anyhoo, our other good friends from work (Rish, Tonya and Mary) put together a double baby shower for us and they did a spectacular job! They had a delicious spread of food for us and made the fancy diaper cakes (pictured below). We certainly felt showered! In the picture above, Angela and I are in the middle (with the bellies of course) and our other friends/co-workers are Melinda, Kelly, Rish and Tonya. Thanks to all you ladies who planned and attended the sprinkle and shower!


My parents have been on a boating trip the past few weeks and have docked at the marina here in Bellingham a few times. It has been so fun to visit them on their boat and be able to see them so much! I've also had fun taking pictures around the marina in the beautiful weather we have been having.

Captain Belle and First Mate Baby

Need a barnacle or two? Or three hundred?