Sunday, June 28, 2009

We found a new walk

Trev & I recently heard about a new park in Whatcom County called Point Whitehorn Marine Reserve. You walk through the woods for about 3/4 of a mile and then head down to a very rocky beach. We played on the beach for a bit where we threw rocks in the water, waded just a little into the water and played baseball with rocks and wood we found on the beach.

Daddy & daughter tromping along the rocks
Belle & I went to Old Navy recently and while we were there I found her holding the mannequin's hand. I was cracking up! Who needs to walk around with mama when you can hold onto a mannequin's hand?

So this is the first belly shot I've posted. It's not because I haven't wanted to post one, I just don't think to take one. And you don't even see my face in this one! But who needs to see my face. I know what you're really interested in is seeing the belly. ;) So here it is at 30 weeks along. As of today I am 32 weeks and 2 days along but I don't have a picture from today. Less than 8 weeks to go until Baby Boy Mauss makes his arrival! Crazy! Now all we need to do is come up with a name. Hmmm. So many options.

Lake Padden

A few weeks ago we had some amazing weather, especially for mid-June in northwest Washington. We went to the lake a few times and I was reminded how much Annabelle loves the water. I think she could play for hours!

She was working really hard at transferring water from the lake to her bucket to the beach and then would do it all over again.

Oh, how cute. :)


Over Memorial Day weekend we visited G'ma and G'pa in Spokane. We had a great weekend filled with delicious feasts (which included my favorite cranberry salad) and fun times. We spent a few hours at Riverfront Park...

Annabelle & I on the gondola ride over the falls

Spokane Falls

AB & G'pa looking over the bridge together

AB & Daddy on the ginormous Radio Flyer wagon... there is a slide at one end, which Belle went down a few times with dad but it was super hot so she didn't want to go by herself. I really wonder who it is that decides to have metal/aluminum slidesin parks. I mean, the sun hits it and it gets HOT! I'm a big fan of the plasctic slides, as is Belle.

At Riverfront Park they have this metal goat that eats garbage. No joke. We had brought some pieces of bread to feed the ducks but decided not to since there were signs posted all over the park saying not to feed the ducks. Haha! So we fed the bread to the metal goat instead! You just press a button and it sucks up garbage through its mouth. It was kind of loud so I thought Belle might be a bit scared of it but she loved it! She couldn't get enough of feeding it! She would even stick her hand and part of her arm up into its mouth. It was pretty entertaining to watch.

Action shot of Daddy & AB on the carousel.

Annabelle & their new cat Shelby. Shelby was quite the trooper with Belle around. AB was always interested in where Shelby was and what she was doing. Belle was trying to share her little piggy with Shelby here.

THanks to G'ma and G'pa for a wonderful weekend!