Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our little lioness

Tonight we went to a harvest party for the youth group at our church. We had this great hand-me-down lion costume and we decided to dress Belle in it. Here are some shots of our little lioness...

Love the tail!

She looks like a pretty vicious lion, doesn't she?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Farm pictures

A visit with good friends

Today, Annabelle and I visited our good friends Danyale, Hans, Merry and Peter. We walked around the farm, made cinnamon rolls, had a delicious lunch and enjoyed one another's company.

Danyale and Hans

Merry, Belle and Blacky the kitten

Sweet Merry

AB climbing the stairs... if there are stairs around this is where she will spend most of her time. She likes climbing!

Thanks for a wonderful time, Danyale!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I love dogs!

Before we moved back to Washington, AB had a fear of dogs. If we were around any dogs, she would try and climb as high up into our arms as she could and constantly be looking around to keep an eye an where the dog would be at every moment.

We stayed with our good friends Art & Diana when we first got to WA. They have a wonderful, patient, calm and loving dog named Eva (pictured above) that Belle learned to love. She went from sitting in my lap and reaching out towards Eva, to sitting by herself next to Eva and trying to pet her, to seeking out Eva to pet and hit and make sounds at, and eventually she even let Eva lick her face!

No more fear of dogs! Eva is now one of Annabelle's dearest companions.

Belle vs. the wall...

... the wall won.

Last night Belle tried to stand up while holding on to the corner of a wall. Her hand slipped and her forehead went full force into the corner of the wall. There was about a minute of crying and a bump that quickly grew about a half-inch out from her head, and then all was better. We took this picture this morning (bruise is on the upper right side of her forehead). It seems to be healing nicely. The wall might have won this fight, but Belle doesn't back down easily. :)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Belle!

Anything can be a toy

This is a kitchen stool at my parents house that Belle found to play in. She would crawl into it and just hang out there. She tolerated us spinning the chair while she sat there, but mostly she just liked crawling around in it herself. There is no need for her grandparents to have toys around... she'll play with the chairs!

I love this picture. Trev was hitting the beam and AB (held by grandpa) would copy him and hit it too. Smack! Smack!

Back in the blogging world

We're back in the blogging world! After weeks of packing, driving halfway across the country, unloading our stuff into our friend's garage, staying with those same friends, moving our stuff again and unpacking, we are almost settled! Almost.

Here's our little bumpkin on a crisp fall day.