Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Harvest Goodness

Today I received my first harvest bin from our local organic delivery service, Dandelion. They will be delivering a bin of fresh fruits and veggies every other week directly to my doorstep. All of the produce is locally grown and all of it is organic. They also include recipes for every item in the bin, and if you know me at all, you probably know that I need recipes. :) I am so excited to make meals with all my new produce!! Tonight I will be making an arugula salad with roasted pear and walnuts. Yum.

Here is a video of Annabelle walking. She's been taking steps and standing for quite a while now, but only in the last few weeks has she really taking on walking full-time. This is her making her way down our long hallway. She
usually gets more excited the closer she is to her destination. She'll start walking faster and faster until she can crash into you... like in this video. Ha!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Living like kings and queens

We had the enjoyment of spending last week in Cabo with my mom and bonus dad. We spent our time swimming, eating, swimming some more, eating some more, relaxing, reading, sunbathing, meeting new people, swimming some more and sleeping. It was a wonderful week! We felt like kings and queens. The toughest decision we had to make each day was deciding which pool we should swim at. Tough life, eh? The place where we stayed is a pretty big property and you catch "jitneys" (golf carts) to ride around from place to place. Belle loved riding on the jitney, although she was a little skeptical during the first ride. Every time she would hear one drive by, she would open her eyes really big and say, "Oooooooooo!" The bonus of going last week was that my bonus mom was also staying in Cabo with some of her girlfriends. We got to meet up with her twice and enjoy some quality time together. All in all. it was a great trip! Thanks to Mommeee and Johneee for bringing us along!

Belle loved playing on our deck! This is her at sunset peering through the bars.

The three maussketeers on the beach

AB enjoying the sunset on dada's shoulders

Room with a view

And here is Belle at the Sea-Tac airport... hungry, tired and cold. She had just struggled (and I really mean it when I say struggled) through the 4-hour plane ride and was ready to go to bed. She fell asleep in the car less than 5 minutes after leaving the airport.

Clothing Swap

A couple of weeks ago I took part in a clothing swap with a bunch of friends. It was so much fun! We all went through our closets and found clothes that we didn't want anymore but were still in great condition. We got together on a Friday night with treats and drinks and spread the clothes throughout the house. We then had a free-for-all trying on and choosing new items to take home. We all ended up with some fun "new" clothes! We still had a ton of clothes leftover, which we gathered up and donated to a Women's shelter here in Bellingham. It was a great way to get rid of clothes, get a few new items and help out women in need. I would encourage you to do it too!