Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A weekend at the farm

A few weekends ago we house-sat for some good friends of ours who live out in the county on a farm. We took care of their goats, cow and dog and watched their amazing gardens grow. It was like a little vacation for us. It ended up being a (mostly) beautiful and sunny weekend, so we were able to run around on their property. Belle LOVED being outside so much and enjoyed visiting all the animals. I also had fun practicing taking tons of pictures with my new camera. We were able to relax a lot and read and eat fresh veggies from their garden. Thank you, Seibrings, for letting us enjoy your home for a weekend!

The goat kept looking at me like this. I really wonder what he was thinking.

And sometimes I wonder what Belle is thinking. Haha! At least it makes for some good photo opportunities!

And other times I know exactly what Trev is thinking. "I am a man wielding a knife! I cut my food right from the earth and down it whole!" Okay, so he didn't eat it whole, but he did enjoy cutting the zucchini and then we added it to a delicious salad for dinner. ;)

One of Belle's favorite things about being at their farm was this toy car. She probably spent a few hours over the course of the weekend driving this car around the carport. She would take her baby for rides and just drive, drive, drive!

Here are some pictures from around their place...

Thanks for the camera!

Thanks to my wonderful hubby and all my parents I got a new camera for my birthday! A Pentax SLR camera which I have been playing around with and learning about the past few weeks. On my birthday we did some drive-by shootings, of the picture taking variety. ;) I wasn't feeling that well so it was nice to be in the car most of the time. Here are some of the shots I got on our adventure...

These seagulls were chasing the eagle around. Maybe he stole the fish they were about to eat.

Then we drove by someone's house where there was just a deer hanging out in the yard and eating their flowers.

A big thank you to my family for my new camera... THANK YOU!!