Thursday, September 9, 2010


Annabelle totally loves smiling for pictures. Just kidding. She takes after her dad. She would rather make silly faces or smile in an overly cheesy way. Ha! I had to take a picture of her for preschool and I tried doing it two different days and took over 30 pictures. Oh bother. Up above is what I refer to as her coy picture.

This is what I call her "Why are you doing this to me?" picture.

This is the "Did you say tilt my head and shut my eyes? I'm almost positive that's what you said, mom" picture.

Sticking out the tongue and not making eye contact. Totally not what I was looking for.

I think she has a small percentage of troll in her blood. Just maybe. Hopefully it only comes out for the camera.

This was Trev's favorite. He said, "This one is Belle."

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

School days

Annabelle officially started preschool last week! She is in a class with 11 other students and two awesome teachers that exude joy and have made her feel so comfortable in her new environment. We are so excited about where she is going to preschool and she is loving it!

After the first day of school the teachers sent all the parents a slideshow of pictures from the first day. Can I just say that was awesome?! It was fun to see what she did and be able to show her the pictures and talk to her about it. She loves dressing up and "getting fancy" so of course she found a lovely red leopard skirt and tutu to wear and at one point she was wearing a tiara too.

It looks like she was paying really really close attention during story time.

When she came home she told us she has one friend in class and I'm thinking it must be this little girl. She and Belle were next to each other in almost all of Belle's pictures. :)

Jack turned the Big 0-1!

Jack turned 1 on August 28th! I still can't believe he is already one. Good job, buddy! We celebrated BBQ-style with family and a few friends in our backyard. A big thanks to all who came for celebrating Jack's birthday with us!

Lurk! Lurk! All the grandparents came up for the party! Woohoo!

The birthday boy enjoying a cupcake. He didn't go all crazy eating his cupcake. He ate a lot of the frosting and then crawled over the rest of the cupcake. Ha!

Jack with his friend Lily. Are they experiencing a sugar coma?

The birthday boy playing croquet. Doesn't he look like such an intimidating opponent?

Life these days

This is the perfect picture to describe the current relationship between this duo. Annabelle is all about being in charge of her bro. She tells him no all day, tells him what he can and can't do, tries to hold him in place even though he definitely doesn't like it one bit (as seen above), and picks him up and moves him when she doesn't like what he is doing. I've been breaking up a lot of tifs between them these days. But every now and then I hear them playing and laughing together in another room and all seems well in the world. I love those moments.