Thursday, February 11, 2010


Here are some shots of AB and Levi, one of her good friends. They are quite the buds. I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago as they were wandering around the yard and exploring. Okay, okay, so I did make them stand at the fence for just a moment so I could get a good shot and then I just followed them around.

Yep, that is AB rockin' the skirt over the jeans. That is totally her style these days. I think its pretty cute. A few seconds after I took this picture it was no longer fun to move the rocks with their feet, but instead grab a handful and throw them in the air. Look out!

The mailbox is actually pretty fun to play with. It opens, closes, opens again, closes again... you get the point. I think they hoped that something would eventually be in there. :)

"Are you sure there's nothing in there? Should we look a little longer just to make sure?"

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We're alive!

We really are alive, despite what you may think from our lack of blog posts. I can't seem to stay on top of the blogging lately. Here's to another try at more regular postings. :)

Our Jack Attack (as Annabelle most often refers to her bro) is growing steadily and quite the easy going chap. He's usually pretty happy as long as someone is looking at him. He's a great eater and sleeper and is rolling around a lot these days and is taking a great interest in trying to sit up and is always reaching for things, such as food, earrings, clothes, toys, blankets, your face, and the list could go on. He is in the stage of wanting to explore and touch everything around him. Jack is just over 5 months old now and his hair is as red as ever. It is so fun to have a little redhead. His hair gets noticed by someone on most of our outings.

Here is our sweet Annabelle blowing bubbles. She is really into bubbles these days and especially loves blowing them herself. We've got plenty of space for bubble blowing in our yard and she takes full advantage of it. She love love loves her brother! She frequently tells Jack, "You are my best friend forever and ever." She loves wearing dresses over her outfits. I shouldn't say dresses because she loves one dress in particular and I will be sure to take a picture of her in it one of these days. Honestly, everyday she asks if she can wear her flower dress. She almost always has it on while we are at home. It's like a comfy pair of slippers you always want on... except it is a dress. We are letting her embrace her very feminine side. She also loves playing with K'nex and Duplo blocks, building towers and animals and the like. Belle also loves coloring and often asks us, "What do you want?" and then proceeds to draw what we ask. Well, sort of. She says it is what we wanted her to draw but mostly it looks like circles, lines or the letter V. :)

Belle specifically asked for a picture of she and daddy like this. Of course I said yes.

AB playing in the back yard.

This was a possible contender for the Christmas card. We're just a bunch of silly monkeys around here.


About a month ago I awoke to this beautiful sunrise so I snapped this from our front porch. Simply beautiful.