Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This was the first year that we took Belle trick-or-treating. It was so fun! She dressed up as a little dalmation pup. Her Oma made the costume for Trev when he was two years old and now his sweet daughter wore it over twenty years later. AB was pretty shy when we went to the first couple houses, but about five houses into it she was doing this...

There she is going solo! She would go up to the door and knock and wait (we would usually have to do a knock too because her knocks on the door didn't make much noise). She would then say something that kind of sounded like "Trick-or-treat" and would then reach towards the candy bowl and take a treat. One of the houses gave her a little treat and then gave Trev and I EACH a king-size Snicker bar! Sweet! Belle worked really hard collecting all her candy and Trev and I have eaten almost all of it! It is all in an effort to keep her little teeth healthy... right?

Check it out! This Abba-Zaba is one of the candies she got that night and it even has her name on it! We thought that was pretty cool. ;)