Saturday, August 4, 2007


Belle is now 10 months old and is crawling like crazy! She's been crawling for almost two months now and I think she really loves being able to get around herself. See for yourself how she is doing...

Friday, August 3, 2007


Trev and I have been trying to take more pictures of things in nature recently. Here are some of our favorites...

Do you see the tiny orange spider crawling out of the upper left flower?

This swimming hole is where Trev took Belle and I for my birthday earlier this month. It was beautiful and a great place to swim.

Okay, so technically these flowers are in our home, but I'm sure they were grown outside. ;) Trev gave these to me for our anniversary on Tuesday. Happy 3rd anniversary to us!

Pool time with good friends

Yesterday we had a great time hanging out at a fun toddler pool with my friend Sarah, her daughter Huntleigh and her mom, Marilyn. It was such a great pool for kiddos! They had these fun swings (below) to jump around in, fountains, a slide and more! Thank you Sarah for a great time at the pool!

Sarah and Huntleigh

Fun in the fountain

We went to the Botanical Garden for a concert with our Kingdom group on Wednesday night. They had a fountain near where we were sitting. Belle loves water, so we thought she would enjoy playing in the fountain with dad.

My big babe and my little babe both got very wet from this adventure.

And this is how AB's hair dried after her fun in the fountain. If only my hair had half the volume that hers does. Ha!

Belle's antics

Trev and I left the room the other day for about 10 seconds. When we came back we found that Belle had crawled into the laundry basket. I think it is her new favorite thing to do. She's done it about three more times since. See, there's no need for expensive baby toys... just keep your $6 basket full of laundry on the floor and the babes will have plenty of fun!

This is what Belle was doing after she woke up from her nap this morning. She was smiling and talking to herself for quite a while. What a sweetie!