Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More pictures from the zoo

Pictures from our zoo trips...

Final St. Louis Zoo adventures (most likely)

One of our favorite things about living in St. Louis has been visiting the zoo. It has been especially fun over the past few months because Belle gets excited when she sees animals. She will make a loud "Ooooooooo!" when she spots an animal and will occasionally try and crawl out of her stroller to try and get to the animal. We love it so much that we went by ourselves yesterday and with Shannon, Lucy and Will today!

She also gets excited when she sees water, such as waterfalls, which is what she was looking at here

Chatting it up with the penguins

Will and AB

Relaxing after all the hard work of being pushed around in her stroller

The whole gang!

Mom and Belle just hangin' out

Trev has been in Washington for the last 3 1/2 weeks, which has given Annabelle and I A LOT of mother-daughter bonding time. We are really excited to see Trev tomorrow! Here are a few pics of the babe and I from the past few weeks.

Belle playing with her hand-me-down basketball hoop from the Walkers. She quickly figured out how to make a basket! Smart girl, that one.

Really, there is no need to buy toys. AB had a delightful time crawling in and out of this paper bag. It gave me a good chuckle too. :)

Me and AB taking a picture of ourselves in the living room

Last night I was taking pictures of Belle while she was eating dinner. Right before I would take the picture the camera would shine a red light right on Belle's face. Without fail, each time I took the picture (and I took seven of them), she would make this hilarious face. I don't know if she is learning to smile for the camera or if she just didn't like the light in her face. I did eventually let her eat her meal in peace.

Spokane trip

Here we are with my dad and bonus mom in Spokane, WA. They let us join them for a relaxing week at a lake in eastern Washington. We had a great time swimming, eating, hot-tubbing, and playing games. Thanks for such a wonderful time!

Countdowns... and one up

1- days until I see my hubby, after 3 weeks apart!
4- days until we pack a fatty moving truck
6- days until we start the long trek towards the Northwest
9- days until we are actually in Washington!
24- days until we can move into our new place

And our count-up...

50+: the number of boxes I have packed so far... and there are still more to go, woohoo!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Here are some pictures from camp last month. They had themes for dinner each night, so of course we dressed accordingly. Here are a few:

Western Night! Check out Belle's serious cowgirl face.. and Trev's not-so-serious cowboy face.

Noah's Ark Night! We went as a couple of chipmunks.

Banquet Night - Asian Theme... hence Trev's sweet jacket and the chopsticks for my hair accessory.

Remlinger Farms

While we were in Washington we visited Remlinger Farms with some of our family. It is a great place for kids! There are pony rides, a few small roller coasters, train rides, a hay maze and more! I can't wait to take Belle there again as she gets older.

Belle the bunny waiting for her carrot

Belle taking her first nap of the day at about 2pm. It lasted about 5 minutes.

My mom and step-sister Jill

Belle's cousins, Noah and Hannah

More cousins, Hillary and Tyler


The Three Maussketeers made their way out to Washington again in August. We've grown quite used to living out of suitcases and have found that they have multiple uses. Of course they hold your personal belongings, but they also serve as a playground for little ones! Little Belle climbed, sat on, open and shut and all-around enjoyed using her suitcase as a toy. We're so thankful that she adapts so well and can usually find something fun to do just about anywhere.