Sunday, April 19, 2009

AB loves to slide these days. She'll go over and over and over and over and over and...
you get the point. :)

Annabelle dancing with our buddy Josh. This was after Josh built an amazing tunnel adventure in our living/dining room using the dining room table, all the chairs, sofa cushions and lots of blankets. Belle loved the adventure of crawling through all the tunnels and Josh was a trooper and went through all of them too! All I heard was her giggling. Thanks Josh for being such a great friend to our little girl.

Annabelle with her Grandpa John. They are sitting on a swinging ski lift chair! Grandpa and Trev took an old ski lift chair that Grandpa had and turned it into a huge swing in the back yard. It is pretty cool and Belle got to have the inaugural ride.

Siblings Weekend!!!

A few weeks ago we had our second Sibling's Weekend. J and Wink came up for the weekend and we had a fabulous time together! Trev and I created a list of 20 things to do in Bellingham, which included some of our favorite places to eat, local parks, fun things to do (like watching a movie and eating pazookie - a HUGE chocolate chip cookie with ice cream on top) and silly things like going to the nursery next to where we leave and buying a commemorative plant or going to Build-A-Bear. They didn't choose either of those last two options. Haha! We did go to three different parks, ate at a few different Bellingham favorites, and watched some movies. Belle absolutely loved hanging out with her aunties and so did Trev and I. We love you girls!

Wink & AB (and some random guy in the background)

AB steering the big toy and crazy Auntie Jj making a face (totally didn't know she was making a face at the camera until after I took the picture)
The three siblings on a walk at Hovander Park. This was our first adventure and turned out to be somewhat disappointing. Our favorite place to walk there was closed due to flooding. Ho hum, hopefully another time.

Where's Trev??! He's not hiding! He's just basking in the sun on this huge rock.

Tobi & Christian

At the end of March we celebrated my good friend Tobi's wedding to a wonderful man named Christian! Tobi was truly a beautiful bride. It was such a joy to see she and Christian and their love for each other. We had a great time seeing friends and family and feasting on the good food. Tobi even decided not to have a traditional cake but serve donuts instead (one of her favorite treats!). It was a great idea and they were scrumptious.

Daddy and daughter, so alike. And then there is me, looking off into the distance at who knows what. Ha!

Our friends Ashley, Erin & Caitlyn. There son, Ashton, was there as well but still in-utero. He made his grand debut just last week! Congrats Riggs family!!

Annabelle was quite the dancing fool. Okay, she wasn't a fool but she did really enjoy dancing. She probably danced for close to 45 minutes straight!

Congrats Tobi and Christian!

Vancouver, Round 2

At the end of February we made another trek to Vancouver to stay in Opa's condo and have a little getaway. This time Belle came along for the ride! It definitely made the trip quite a bit different. We had to plan for nap times, earlier bed times, faster meals at our favorite creperie and not as much walking around downtown. We still had a good time, but it was a lot more work!!

One of the highlights of the excursion was going to the Vancouver Aquarium. We kept going back and forth over whether or not we should go and finally decided to bite the bullet, pony up the moola and go. It was well worth it! We saw dolphins, belugas, octopus, some really huge fish (can't remember the name now), snakes and so much more! We were able to watch them feeding the dolphins and saw them performing some of their tricks. We spent a few hours there and had a blast.

The second highlight of the trip was swimming in the condo pool with Annabelle. She seems to have an ever-increasing joy for swimming and being in the water. She has always seemed to enjoy being in the water but this time she was SO excited. We spent about an hour swimming and she jumped in so many times that I couldn't keep track. She also loves to try and paddle around and kick her feet as we hold her. She was laughing and smiling the whole time! On the day we were leaving we were going to take her swimming and when we went down we saw the pool was closed for cleaning! Eeeek! What a disappointment. She was so excited to swim again and it was hard to explain to a 2-year old that the pool is closed for cleaning. We decided later that week to go to a family swim at our local aquatic center in Bellingham. I think she got over the original disappointment. ;)

How is it that sea otters are so darn cute. Seriously. I love 'em.


Annabelle is all about her name lately. We switch back and forth between calling her Annabelle, Belle and AB. She definitely knows that her name is Annabelle. Sometimes I call her other names like sweetie pie or bubs and I am quickly told, "No, mama. I'm Annabelle."

But this is my favorite....

A few weeks ago we were down in Tacoma visiting Gramma Kay and Grandpa John. Annabelle was lounging in a chair in the family room. My mom was conversing with Belle -

Gramma Kay: Are you comfortable?
Belle: No. I'm Annabelle.

I don't think she has learned what comfortable means yet. :)

It's a.....

Boy! A little baby Mauss boy! We had an ultrasound a little over a week ago and it seemed pretty obvious that we were having a boy. The ultrasound tech didn't even tell us but told us to guess. I looked over at the screen and said, "That's definitely a boy." Annabelle came with Trev and I to the ultrasound and she had fun watching it on the big screen. I think she thought it was a movie. Up above is a profile shot of our little boy. Don't worry, he does actually have a forehead (just a wee bit of a bad angle). We're really excited to have a little boy come August! We can't wait to see Belle as a big sister.

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Have you grown tired of looking at our blog and seeing the play date pictures over and over again for the last two months? I mean, they are cute, but it probably gets old. We've been really busy with things like solving the world's problems, developing new quantum physics models, studying the dictionary and things of that sort. Ha! Or not. Maybe we've just been busy with normal day-to-day life. I guess that is probably more likely.

Well, we're back! Here's hoping that we post regularly and don't leave you waiting 2 months in between posts.