Wednesday, September 8, 2010

School days

Annabelle officially started preschool last week! She is in a class with 11 other students and two awesome teachers that exude joy and have made her feel so comfortable in her new environment. We are so excited about where she is going to preschool and she is loving it!

After the first day of school the teachers sent all the parents a slideshow of pictures from the first day. Can I just say that was awesome?! It was fun to see what she did and be able to show her the pictures and talk to her about it. She loves dressing up and "getting fancy" so of course she found a lovely red leopard skirt and tutu to wear and at one point she was wearing a tiara too.

It looks like she was paying really really close attention during story time.

When she came home she told us she has one friend in class and I'm thinking it must be this little girl. She and Belle were next to each other in almost all of Belle's pictures. :)

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